One year on – Top 10 posts on "Economics Intelligence"

I started this blog almost exactly one year ago. The first post (“Accident, Suicide or Negligent Homicide?”) dealt with the financial crisis and appeared on the 12/05/2010. I was curious which posts generated the most interest and compiled this tiny little list:

1) What the Mafia teaches about fiscal policy (posted on 11/05/2011, 5433 views)
What’s the impact of fiscal policy on GDP growth? New empirical evidence shows that fiscal policy is working. Amazingly, we know this partly thanks to the Italian mafia.

2) How Free Trade killed the Buffalo (posted on 13/04/2011)
What was the reason for the rapid extinction of the American bison in the 1870s? According to a new paper,  the main drivers were technical innovation and globalisation. 

3) The Economics of Bike Lanes – How can John Cassidy get it so wrong? (posted on 11/03/2011, 3163 views)
Why bike lines are more useful than John Cassidy (New Yorker) thinks.  

4) Who is Jens Weidmann? (posted on 16/02/2011, 1301 views)
My portrait of the new president of the German Bundesbank, who I know fairly well. 

5) Don’t listen to the banks’ lobbyists – Basel III is way too soft (posted on 30/03/2011, 1289 views)

Not a sexy topic, but an important one.  

6) 7 things the list of the Top 20 AER papers ever reveals about economics (posted on 14/02/2011, 888 views)
The American Economic Review is only 99 years older than this blog… As an anniversary gift, they’ve published a list of their 20 most important articles ever. 

7) A bit of a looker – What Mercedes really likes about female football players (20/03/2011)
My rant against an incredible ad by Mercedes – and an overview on some economic  papers about gender.  

8) All econ blogs are rubbish, aren’t they? (posted on 16/10/2010, 797 views)
My thoughts on a  paper entitled “Economics is Hard. Don’t Let Bloggers Tell You Otherwise” by Kartik Athreya.

9) Accident, Suicide or Negligent Homicide? (posted on 12/05/2010, 756 views)
The first post ever. What caused the financial crisis? 

10) Chicago Booth – is Axel Weber up to the job? (posted on  9/3/2011, 659 views)
A post dealing with the academic track record of the former Bundesbank president who now teaches at Chicago Booth.  

My special thanks go to Helen Hancox, who proofread most of my articles. Helen, I really appreciate your help and encouragement. This blog would not have been half as successful without it. Many thanks also to Tim Harford and Greg Ip, who have re-tweeted my tweets very often on Twitter.

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