Olaf Storbeck, born 1974 , is  a columnist at Reuters Breakingviews. Based in London, he covers Germany, the euro zone and economics. Before joining Breakingviews in November 2012, he was with Handelsblatt, Germany’s business and financial  for twelve years.

In December 2012, he received the Friedwart Bruckhaus Award by Germany’s Hanns Martin Schleyer-Stiftung for his coverage on the financial crisis and economic policy. In May 2013, he received a special award for his blog “Economics Intelligence” (Comdirect Finanzblog Award 2013).

Olaf studied Economics at the University of Cologne and Journalism at the Cologne School of Journalism.

He joined Handelsblatt in 2001, where he started as a reporter for e-business. In 2005 he devised a new section on current economic research for Handelsblatt, which he ran until he left the paper in October 2012. Olaf was also responsible for Handelsblatt’s ranking of German-speaking economists.

Olaf has written two books on current economic research.  In 2007 the German edition of  “Economics 2.0 – What the best minds in Economics can teach you about Business and Life” (jointly with Norbert Häring) was considered the best German business book of the year by getAbstract.  (A free chapter of the English edition is available here.)

In September 2009 Olaf published  “Die Jahrhundertkrise – Über Finanzalchemiste, das Versagen der Notenbanken und John Maynard Keynes” , a book trying to explain causes and consequences of the financial crisis. Read a  free chapter (in German) here.

(Q&A on “Die Jahrhundertkrise”, in German)

Olaf lives in Highbury, north London and is married.

Since he is crazy about Schalke 04, Arsenal FC and cycling. Occasionally, he blogs about cycling on his blog “Cycling Intelligence”.

Contact Olaf by email: o [dot] storbeck [at] googlemail [dot] com

Follow Olaf on Twitter: twitter.com/olafstorbeck for tweets in English, twitter.com/olaf_storbeck for tweets in German.