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Excessive austerity doesn’t pay, IMF economists show

It is probably one of the most important trips in Greece’s modern history. On …


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"GIPS Euros" vs. "German Euros" – Debunking Hans-Werner Sinn, Vol. II

Hans-Werner Sinn (Image: Jan Roeder, via Wikipedia)

Repeating a wrong argument endlessly does not turn …


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The "PIIGS plus" club on Twitter

Image via CrunchBase

I could not work out who initially started the whole thing, but, …


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Lobbying for the crisis

Prior to the crisis the financial industry spent billions of dollars on lobbying activities. Three economists with the IMF have scrutinized the consequences of these spending spree. Lobbying of the financial industry in itself was a cause of the financial crisis. The more a particular bank spent on lobbying the riskier its lending activity was. Continue reading


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