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Merkel’s manifesto serves EU better than Germany

The German chancellor’s campaign for a third term relies on promises of more redistribution …

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German eurosceptics strong enough to nudge Merkel

A new anti-euro party is unlikely to make it into parliament in the 2013 …


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Merkel will cope with regional election defeat

The German Chancellor’s CDU party has lost an important regional vote. This gives her …

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Gold move shows Buba can cave in to pressure

Germany’s central bank will repatriate some of its gold reserves. That could mean that …

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Germans have peculiar love-hate affair with Merkel

(This article has also been published as a Reuters Breakingviews comment on 2 January 2013.)
The chancellor …


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Excessive austerity doesn’t pay, IMF economists show

It is probably one of the most important trips in Greece’s modern history. On …


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Why there's more in Draghi's may-day speech than markets realise

Mario Draghi (Photo by Monika Flueckiger/ World Economic Forum, via Wikipedia)
At first sight, Mario …


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The "PIIGS plus" club on Twitter

Image via CrunchBase

I could not work out who initially started the whole thing, but, …


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Is there anyone who cares about the stress tests?

Moody’s, the rating agency,  today has  published an interesting analysis about the market reaction …


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