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The misleading claims of Hans-Werner Sinn

How do you dare to take issue with Herr Profesor Sinn, you stupid blogger? …


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ECB's Stark contra Sinn, plus: A dire warning by the Ifo Institute

ECB's Chief Economist Jürgen Stark (Image via Wikipedia)

There are more important things than Target2. …


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Stealth Bailout: "The Economist" and Gavyn Davies raise their voices – plus: A word on Sinn's merits

When it comes to press coverage about current economics research, the “Economics Focus” of …

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Sinn and Wolf on wrong target…

… say Willem Buiter, Ebrahim Rahbar and Jürgen Michels with Citi (Link is now working, thanks …


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Letters: Lucrezia Reichlin (and others) on Target2

Lucrezia Reichlin is  quite an authority when it comes to monetary policy in the …


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WSJ disparages Hans-Werner Sinn (and I have to defend him, partly)

It’s really time to add a new category to this blog. Well, here it …


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More on target: Draghi speaks out, CESifo in denial mode, FT Alphaville

The Target2 saga continues….
Lorcan Roche Kelly, Chief Europe Strategist at Trend Macrolytics gave me a pointer …


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On target – what's really going on in the Euro area banking system?

Darkness all around me (Foto: Christoph F. Siekermann via Wikipedia)
I have to confess I …


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Shadow ECB Council: Get softer Greek Debt Restructuring

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A two-thirds majority of the ECB Shadow council  supported a continuation of …

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