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Commerzbank write-off highlights low-profit future

The German lender has announced a 560 million euro writedown on deferred tax accruals. …

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Bank of England’s Haldane on the crisis of economics: “Our models are no longer working properly”

Andres Haldane (Photo: Bank of England)
Andrew Haldane is the Bank of England’s Executive Director …


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Bundesbank's Weidmann on the origin and meaning of the Target2 balances

A couple of days ago, Jens Weidmann, the President of Deutsche Bundesbank, published an …


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Olaf Storbeck smackdown watch, nobel prize edition

In the debate about Target2 balances I was impressed by Felix Salmon’s response to …


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Bankers just don't get it

A new paper sheds light on an amazing learning disability within the financial sector: …


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EBA stress test: Individual PIIGS exposure for all 90 banks

When the European Banking Authority (EBA) published their stress test results last Friday, they …


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Why debt matters – some real empirical evidence

Last week  Henry Kaspar published an interesting blog post “Why debt matters” on Kantoos …

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Don’t listen to the banks' lobbyists – Basel III is way too soft

Canary Wharf, London: Big banks, big risks (Photo: Dave Pape, via Wikimedia Commons)
ECB President …


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$4.7bn per bank, per year – How the U.S. government subsidizes Citi, BoA et al.

Peer Steinbrück, the former German finance minister, was adamant. The merger of two leading …

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The contemporary Keynes – why "The Economist" is wrong

Who are the most important economists of our times? “The Economist” published a rather odd ranking. Continue reading


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